Vancouver is often touted as a place where you can snowboard in the morning and bike around the seawall in the afternoon and that’s just awesome , but even better is that you can have the same diversity eating out. You can easily chow down on a mouth-watering Liège Belgian waffle for breakfast, authentic Shawarma for lunch and then a perfectly spiced Thai curry for dinner –  oftentimes all in the same block.

A through-and-through Vancouver girl, I’m also a freelance writer with a bent for good food and wine and EthnicEats.ca is a chronicle of my eating and drinking (and sometimes cooking) adventures in Vancouver. Here I try to review the best, cheapest or most interesting regional eateries in Vancouver and share that information with you. Check out www.deganbeley.com if you’d like more information on writing projects.

If you’re looking for a lunch date or have a great restaurant recommendation, what are you waiting for?! Leave a comment or drop me a line anytime.

Bon appétit!